Thursday, February 9, 2012

Confessions of an Erratic Momma: Mornings

I am so not a morning person.  I wish I were one of those people who wake up happy and can't fall back to sleep.  Who feel their most energized and well rested in the morning.  Who smile and sing a happy song, run a couple of miles, fix a healthy breakfast, and generally start their day on a positive note.

I am the person who wakes up, groans internally when I see the clock, closes my eyes for 'a few more minutes' and falls right back to sleep because the bed is so warm and soft. Groans again when I next open my eyes and see how much time has actually passed, and scrambles to get ready.  I spend entirely too much time sifting through clothes, hoping to find clean matching socks for the kids and pants that fit.  Because, my other confession, I hate doing laundry.  The clean clothes just pile up, begging me to sort, fold, and put them away.  If only I would do that.  It would probably help with my morning routine.

I have to remind myself sometimes that it wouldn't be right to keep my kids home from school for a day simply because I'm still sleepy.  I'm sorely tempted to sometimes, but I would never do that.  Their education is much too important.

My three year old, Henry, is also not a morning person.  After dragging myself out of bed, I have to drag him out of bed.  And he likes to pretend he's still sleeping when I know he's not to make things more difficult.  He's lately taken to pulling the blanket back on and whispering, "I'm sleeping," with his eyes closed, as if he's talking in his sleep or something.  And half the time, he really is sleeping and it is a chore to get him to wake up enough to get ready.

I'm embarrassed about our breakfast habits.  So I'm not going to share them.

I am so not a morning person.

But...  I'm so grateful for each day.  It takes me awhile to warm up and realize that a new day full of possibilities is waiting for me.  That I get to do something fun with the boys, enjoy the company of my husband when he's home, get some snuggles, be creative, and just enjoy everything I've been blessed with.  I'm so excited to learn new things, spend time with friends, and offer my time doing things that matter to me and my family.  I love being a mom and a wife and everything that entails.

So, my new goal is to wake up each morning and not focus on the immediate affects of waking up.  Instead, I will try harder to thank God for the new day as I open my eyes.  I'll try looking forward to the blessings in store for me that day, and maybe waking up and starting a new, healthier routine will become easier.

Also...  fold the laundry.

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