Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Make a Photo Board!

I made one of these photo boards a few years ago, and my boys have been sharing the space.  Recently, though, my oldest claimed it for his own.  They have a bunk bed and he wanted it up on top with him.  My youngest didn't seem to care.  Until the next day.  Then he wanted his own.  So, I happily set out to make him one.

I was excited about all the color possibilities and themes, but of course, he wanted it to look just the same.  So, we went in search of the closest fabric color we could find to the original and managed to get all the other trimmings just the same.

This is a fairly easy project.  Here's what you need to make one yourself:

A canvas.  I chose a 16x20 one.  Check your craft store for deals - I got mine as a set of five for $10.
Fabric of choice to cover entire canvas
Coordinating ribbon
Decorative buttons
Quilt batting - Mine came in a package meant for baby quilts
Staple Gun
Sewing Needle
Thread for the buttons

Unroll your batting and place over canvas.  Cut slightly larger than the canvas.

You'll just see the edges of the batting around the canvas.

Put ironed fabric under batting and canvas.

Fold one side of fabric over side of canvas.  Staple with staple gun into place.  I used five staples evenly spaced on the long side.

On the other side, pull fabric so it feels taut.  It's easiest for me to start from the center, then staple on either side, pulling evenly for each staple.

Do this on all sides, ignoring the corners for now.  I used three staples on each of the short sides.  Trim excess fabric, being careful not to get too close to the staples.

Now for the corners - gather the fabric there.  You'll be basically pinching all that excess fabric like so:

Then flatten it and hold it down to staple.

Trim excess fabric.  It should look about like this:

Do all four corners, flip it over, and here's your covered canvas!

Next, cut and position your ribbon.  Make sure it's long enough to reach around the back on both ends for stapling.

Pin the ribbon into place, pulling it taut.

Turn it over, staple each ribbon end into place, and cut excess ribbon.

And now you've got a covered, ribboned canvas!

Sew on your buttons and voila, complete!

And now my youngest has his very own photo board to enjoy!

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  1. Hey Jen! It turned out so cute! :) Thanks for sharing on how to do it!

  2. A neatly made bed AND a new photo board! Yay!